Open to all members

Champion of Champions


Played between the winners of the Ladies singles and the Gents singles.

Peters Shield

Played every Friday evening. A chance to play in all positions.


Phoenix League

Teams are selected at the beginning of the season.. Entrants divided into six teams and play against each other over the course of the open season


Australian Pairs

Pairs game with a twist where both players find themselves as a lead and then skip.

Jackson Trophy

Competition for those new to the club, or who haven’t appeared in a singles final in the previous two years

Competition rules

Club competitions are open to all full and associate members.  Players must be able to attend the finals day on Sunday 25th August (or the reserve date of  Monday 26th August)

Competitions must be completed by the date stated for each round. The first named challenger will mutually agree with their opponents the date and time for the match to be played. They will also be responsible for arranging a suitable marker if required.

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2 Wood Pairs

Both players will have 2 bowls played to 21 ends, the player having the higher score at 21 ends will be the winner. only those bowls within 1 metre of the jack will count.

Players spread out around the green with one foot in the ditch and everyone bowls at once. Nearest the jack wins.

Sunday 11th september against Norfolk

Horsham Park had a close 3 shot, 73 to 70 win, playing at home to Norfolkl Bowls Club from Littlehampton.  The game could have gone either way with Park winning 2 and losing 2 rinks.  Parks top rink went to David James, with Brenda Thompson, John Leadbeater and Pauline Topper who won by 10 shots,  24 to 14. Bryony Wood with David Spurr, Kamran Nadim and Marie Davies, skipped Parks other winning rink. Wood’s team were 2 shots down when they went into the last end but were able to draw 4 shots to win by 2, 17 to 15. This result just turned the game in Parks favour. The team skipped by Ian Holmes were ahead 10 shots to 4 at the half time tea, but then the Norfolk bowlers found the green and won 7 of the remaining ends to win by 1 shot 20 to 19.

Sunday 4th September against Bramley

Horsham Park enjoyed a good home win against Bramley Bowls Club, winning on 2 of the 3 rinks and by 10 shots overall, 53 to Bramley’s 43. Parks top rink went to skip Shirley Stone with John Leadbeater and Marie Davies who won by 9 shots, 24 to 15.  Stones team got off to a good start by taking 7 shots on the first end as the Bramley players were familiarising themselves with the green. Parks other winning rink skipped by Ian Holmes with Brenda Thompson and Roger Leicester, were 17 all on the 16th end, but managed to pick up 1 on each of the last 2 ends to win 19 to 17.

Saturday 3rdSeptember against Crawley Town

Horsham Park kept up their winning run by beating Crawley Town by 9 shots, 68 to 59. In spite of the rain coming in for the latter half of the game, park were able to win 2 rinks, draw 1 and lose 1. Park’s top rink went to skip David James with Angela Spurr and Beryl Noble who won byam took the next 11 ends to win 25 to 9. Parks other winning rink skipped by Bryony Wood with Robin Peters and John Leadbeater scored consistently to win by 4 shots, 14 to 10. Brenda Thompson’s team had a nail biting conclusion to their game coming from 10 shots to 19 down to eventually draw 20 shots all.

Thursday 25th August against Horley

Horsham Park continues their winning streak when they played their away game at Horley Bowls Club. Park won on 2 rinks, drew the third but lost the fourth, winning overall by 9 shots, 68 to 59. Parks top rink went to skip Frank Heath with Kamran Nadim and Ros Medland who scored consistently to win by 11 shots, 21 shots to 9. Parks other winning rink skipped by Ian Holmes with Robin Peters and Beryl Noble  were 5 to 11 down on end 9 when the teams went in for tea, but Holmes’ team came back winning all bar one of the remaining ends, to finally win by 6 shots,18 to 12. Skip David Peters started off well and was up by 7 shots on end 9 but the Horley players fought back and the game was drawn 17  shots all. Skip Harry Smith was also up by just 1 shot 9 to 8 on end 11 but then the Horley players came back taking 13 shots over the final few ends to eventaully win by 9 shots, 21 to 12.

Tuesday 23rd August against Billingshurst

Horsham Park had another successful evening playing at home to Billingshurst Bowls Club. Park were able to win on 4 of the 5 rinks and by 33 shots, 96 to 63. Parks top rink went to skip Brenda Thomson with Kamran Nadim and Pauline Topper who scored steadily from start to finish, winning by 20 shots, 26 to 6. Bryony Woods team of Ros Medland and John Philpot also scored consistently winning winning by 11 shots, 21 to 10. Captain David Spurr and skip Paul English both had good wins. Spurr winning by 8 shots, 22 to 14 and English by 4 shots, 20 to 16. Parks only losing rink looked as though they were making a comeback but eventually went down by 10 shots, 7 to 17. Both sides played new bowlers who were getting their first taste of competitive bowling.

Sunday 21st August against Horsham

In a thrilling local derby watched by many spectators, Horsham Park took on rivals Horsham in what has become known as the Town challenge. 8 teams from each club took part, 4 teams playing on their home greens and 4 teams playing away on the oppositions green. In some closely fought games Park were able to overcome last years defeat winning both home and away.The combined home and away final score was Park 178 to Horsham’s 134, a good 44 shot win. Parks home teams were able to win on all rinks and by 30 shots, 87 to 57. The home top rink honours were shared , both rinks winning by 11 shots. Skip Brenda Thomson with Paul English, Paul Dudman and Beryl Noble won 23 shots to 12, and skip David Stearn with Robin Peters, Peter Schlotter and Barbara Rowe won 26 shots to 15. Skip Bryony Wood came back from being 1 shot down 12 to 13 to eventually win by 7 shots. Skip Harry Smith was well ahead 13 to 3 but in a fighting comeback, Horsham clawed their way back in to the game but still eventually lost by only 1 shot 16 to 15. Parks away teams playing on Horshams new green were able to win on 2 of the 4 rinks but still came out on top winning by 14 shots, 91 to 77. The away team top rink skipped by David Peters with captain David Spurr, John Philpot and Kamran Nadim dominated the game from the start to win by 19 shots, 31 to 12. Parks other away winning team skipped by Ian Holmes with Bev Field, David turley and Ros Medland won by 9 shots 21 to 12

Sunday 14th August against Southgate Park

Horsham Park with home team advantage, enjoyed a good win against Southgate Park, winning 3 of the 4 rinks and overall by 14 shots. Parks top rink went to skip Bryony Wood with David Turley and Angela Spurr who dominated their opponents from the start, winning by 14 shots, 22 to 8. Parks other 2 winning rinks skipped by Captain David Spurr and Ian Holmes, both won by 4 shots , Spurr by 20 shots to 16, and Holmes by 17 shots to 13. Parks only losing rink came close but were unable to overcome the Southgate players.

Wednesday 13th July against Cranleigh

Horsham Park had another successful evening when they played and away and won against Cranleigh Bowls Club.  Park won all 4 rinks and by 32 shots. The final score was Park 93 to Cranleighs 61. After earlier rain the evening cleared and the Cranleigh green played well enabling some very competitive bowling. Parks top rink went to David Peters with Kamran Nadine and Ros Medland who won by 11 shots, 23 to 12.   Harry Smiths team had another good game winning by 10 shots, 22 to 12.  This was closely followed by skip Bryony Wood who won by 9 shots 27 to 18. David James’ team had a much closer game which could have gone either way, but they fought well and took 5 shots over the last 3 ends to win by 2 shots 21 to 19.

Wednesday 13th July against Ewhurst

Horsham Park enjoyed a narrow win by 13 shots 110 to 97, when they played away against Ewhurst bowls Club. Park won well on 2 of the 6 rinks but lost marginally the other 4. Parks top rink skipped by Robin Peters with Roger Leicester and beryl Noble played well throughout, dominating their opponents, winning all but 4 of the ends, and finally by 21 shots, 27 to 6. Parks other winning rink skipped by Frank Heath also won well by 8 shots, 22 to 14. Parks other 4 rinks lost by varying margins. David James’ team were 19 shots to 10 up on end 15 but went down 10 shots over the last 3 ends losing by 1 shot, 19 to 20.  Brenda Thompson had a similar problem, she was ahead 18 shots to 13 on end 16  but went down 9 shots on the last 2 ends to lose by 4 shots, 18 to 22.  Skip bryony Woods game could have gone either way, it was close throughout, but she eventually lost by 2 shots 11 to 13.

Wednesday 27th July against West Hoathly

West Hoathly were able to take home advantage when they beat Horsham Park by 28 shots, the final score being Park 37, West Hoathly 65. Park was only able to win one of the rinks when skip by Frank Heath with Ros Medland, Peter Schlotter and Shirley Stone beat his opposition by 6 shots, 18 to 12. Unfortunately this didn’t compensate for Parks other 2 losing rinks.

Saturday 9th July against Newdigate

Horsham Park lost their away game at Newdigate Bowls Club by 17 shots, 63 to Newdigates 80. Park only won on one of its four rinks. Parks top only winning rink was skipped by David Peters with Bryony Wood and Jon Howberry-Gale who led for most of the game and finally won by 7 shots, 20 to 13. Ian Holmes rink was 15 shots to 9 up on end 14 but lost the next 4 ends and eventually lost by 2 shots, 15 to 17. David James’ ink had a close game throughout and was up by 1 shot on end 14 but struggled to recover when the Newdigate bowlers took 8 shots on end 16.

Wednesday 6th July against Hawth Bowls club

Horsham Park enjoyed another successful afternoon when they beat Hawth Bowls Club by 13 shots, 69 shots to 56. Park won well on 2 rinks and closely lost the other 2 rinks. Parks top rink skipped by Harry Smith, with Kamran Nadim and Ros Medland, dominated most of their game winning by 9 shots, 17 to 8. Parks other winning rink was skipped by Ian Holmes with Jim Covey and Helen Stepney. Holmes team played consistently throughout and won by 8 shots, 22 to 14. Parks 2 losing rinks skipped by Ray King and Shirley Stone, both lost by 2 shots 18 to 20 and 12 to 14 respectively. Both Park teams were well ahead at tea but in the second half the Hawth players staged a fighting comeback to finally win in closely fought battles.

Sunday 26th June against Burgess Hill

Horsham Park had a close but successful afternoon when they played their friends from Burgess Hill winning 2 of the 4 rinks and overall by 3 shots, 58 to 55. Parks top rink was skipped by Captain David Spurr with Pauline Topper and and Robin Peters who consistently outplayed their opponents winning by 10 shots 20 to 10.. Parks other winning rink skipped by Frank Heath were 17 shots to 4 up when Burgess Hill found the green and closed the gap. Heath finally won by 7 shots  19 to 12.  The rink skipped by Bryony Wood were 9 shots all on end 13 but then Burgess Hill fought back and won the final 5 ends winning by 6 shots, 15 to 9. Parks final losing rink struggled to catch up from the start when Burgess Hill took 7 shots from the first 3 ends. This rink finally lost by 8 shots, 10 to Burgess Hills 18.

Sunday 19th June against Pippbrook

After days of rain and games having to be cancelled, it brightened up for horsham Parks friendly home game against Pippbrook. Park avenged last years defeat by winning on all 4 rinks and by 20 shots, 67 to 47. Parks top rink went to harry Smith with Captain David Spurr and Ros Medland who dominated their game from the beginning winning by 19 shots to 6. Parks other 3 rinks had much closer games which could have gione either way. Skip Bryony Wood came back from being 8 shots to 15 down to eventually win 17 shots to 15 in a remarkable comeback. Skip Ian Holmes was 13 shots up to 1 at teabut Pippbrook came back and closed the gap to eventually lose by only 2 shots, Park 16 to Pippbrook 14. Parks final winning rink skipped by Frank Heath was up and down throughout the game but managed to hold on and win by 15 shots to 12.

Tuesday 7th June against Dorking

Cancelled due to rain.

Sunday 4th June against Billingshurst

Horsham Park achieved a narrow win by 3 shots, 65 to 62 when they played away to Billingshurst Biowls Club. Park won 2 rinks, drew 1 and lost 1. Bryony Wood with Roger Leicester and Barbara Rowe were parks top rink by a superb 16 shots, 22 to Billingshursts 6. Skip Brenda Thompson with Angela Spurr and Vic Pratt had a very close game which could have gone either way but Brenda finally won by 1 shot, 15 to 14. Skip David Peters had another close game drawing 16 shots all. Captain David Spurr had the only losing rink when he was outplayed by the Billingshurst Captain.

Sunday 29th May against Horham Bowls club

On a fine afternoon Horsham Park had an enjoyable game against local rivals Horsham. It was a close game with Park winning 2 riks and losing 3 but winning overall by 116 shots to Horsham’s 104. Park’s top rink went to Skip Harry Smith with Robin Peters, Kamran Nadim and Norma Covey who won by an incredible 45 shots to 9 as horhams bowlers struggled to reach the jack. Park’s other winning rink was skipped by Frank Heath with David spurr, Marie Davies and Roger Leicester who won by 2 shots, 19 to 17. This game was a cliff hanger, 15 shots all on end 18 but Park hung in there to take 4 shots to horshams 2 over the klast 2 ends. Park’s other 3 rinks lost by varying margins.

Thursday 26th May against Downsman.

Horsham Park won 2 of the 5 rinks when they played against Downsman Bowls Club, but still mamanged to win overall by 6 shots, 78 to 72. Park’s top rink went to David James with Sylvia English and John Howberry-Gale who contributed most to the overall score by dominating the game from the start and winning by 13 shots, 22 to 9.  Harry Smith skipped Park’s other winning rink, 14 shots to 11. Skip Ray Parham had a 13 shot to 6 lead on end 10 but then only took 2 off the last 8 ends, eventually losing by 2 shots, 15 to 17. Park’s other 2 rinks ha close games but lost by 3 shot and 5 shots respectively.

Tuesday 24th May against Horsham Ladies.

Horsham Park Ladies enjoyed a good home win against local rivals Horsham Ladies.The final score was Park Ladies 54, Horsham Ladies 40, Park winning two of the three rinks. This win was some consolation for the Park Men losing losing to the horsham Men last week.  Parks top rink skipped by Angela Spurr with Norma Covey and Beryl Noble won by 12 shots, 20 shots to 8. Parks other winning rink was skipped by Bryony Wood who had a close game throughout and was 1 shot up going in to the final end but managed to take the final 2 shots winning 22 shots to 19. Parks only losing rink was also 1 shot up going into the final end but this time went down 2 shots losing by 1 shot, 12 shots to 13.

Sunday 22nd May against Southwater.

Horsham Park played their home game against Southwater on an overcast cool afternoon. Park won 2 and lost 2 rinks but lost overall by 12 shots, 70 to 82. Parks top rink skipped by Harry Smith with brenda Thompson, Kamran Nadim and Sylvia English won by 23 shots to 16.Smith was 23 to 5 up on on end 13 but then lost the next 8 ends when Southwater found the green. Frank Thomas skipped Park’s other winning rink; Thomas won by 5 shots, 21 to 16.  Thomas was 13 to 6 up on end 11 but went down 8 on the next 2 ends. He was then able to hold his own taking 8 from the next 8 ends. Park’s other 2 rinks unfortunately lost by a greater margin giving Southwater a well deserved win.

Thursday 19th May against Horsham Men

Horsham Park men didn’t fare well when they played their away game against Horsham Men losing on all 4 rinks. Harry Smith had a close game from the start and was generally within 1 or 2 shots but finally went down 15 shots to 19. David Peter’s rink were 2 up at end 13 but lost the next 5 ends eventually losing by 7 shots, 12 to 19.  Skip Frank Thomas’ had a poor start gong down 8 shots on the first end when Horshams Skip took the jack back; Park had no back woods. From then on Thomas couln’t get back in the game losing 13 to 36.


Sunday 15th May against Newdigate

Horsham Parks home game against Newdigate Bowls club resulted in a draw 68 shots all. Park won 2 and lost 2 rinks. Ian Holmes with Bryony Wood, Kamran Nadim and Sylvia English took Parks top rink with +12 shots. Ian’s rink had a poor start and were down by end 7 by 10 shots, 1 to 11, but then they found their form and won all bar 2 of the next 14 ends to to finally win by 27 shots to 15. Parks other winning rink skipped by Frank thomas won by 22 shots to 13. Franks team played consistently, maintaining theirlead throughout the afternoon. Park’s other 2 rinks didn’t really get going and both lost.

Saturday 14th May against Hawth.

Horsham Park had a resounding win against Hawth Bowls Club from Crawley. The final score was was Park 67 shots to hawth’s 47. It was a pleasant afternoon and the game was enjoyed by all. Prk top rink went to Captain David Spurr with Pauline Topper and John Philpot who won by 16 shots, 22 to 6. Bryony Wood also had a good win 15 shots to 8. At one point Bryony was 11 shots to 1 up but hawth came back taking 7 shots over the last 6 ends. Parks other 2 rinks had much closer games. Brenda Thompson came back from 12 shots to 16 down taking 6 shots from the last 3 endsto win by 2 shots. Parks final rink were 10 shots to 1 up when Hawth found the green and Park lost the next 8 endsbut Park came back to eventually win by 1 shot in a cliff hanging final 2 ends.

Saturday 7th May against Norfolk

Horsham Park struggled on their visit to Norfolk Bowls Club in Littlehampton losing 57 to 80. Norfolk definitely had home team advantage as Park had difficulty mastering their early season green. Park’s only winning and top rink was skipped by Captain David Spurr with bryony Wood, John Philpot and Beryl Noble who scraped a narrow 1 shot win, 19 shots to Norfolks 20. Skip David Peters had a close game, he was 1 shot up on end 12 but eventually went down by 3 shots. Parks other 2 rinks didn’t fare so well, losing on both rinks.

One foot in the ditch and all bowl together, nearest the jack wins.

Match reports

Winners David James and Beryl Noble


Each player has 4 woods and play 7 ends. They play this format against three teams and the team with the most  points overall  win

Bryony Wood

David Turley



Finals Day

Drawn Pairs, David Spurr and John Philpot beat Angela Spurr and Kamran Nadim

2 Wood Singles. Roger Leicester beat Angela Spurr

Ladies Singles. Bryony Wood beat Angela Spurr

Jackson Trophy. David Turley beat Ray King

Mens Singles. John Philpot beat Paul English

101 Singles. Kamran Nadim beat Frank Thomas.

Champion of Champions. Bryony Wood beat John Philpot

Handicap Singles kamran Nadim beat Frank Heath


Horsham Park Bowls Club, Horsham Park,

North Street, Horsham. RH12 1AX                        Tel 01403 255337              Sponsored by Honda Gatwick