What those who have been bowling for a long time take for granted as being common knowledge might not be obvious to beginners or casual bowlers. From selecting the right equipment to playing on the lanes, there are some important aspects of bowling that all bowlers should know if they want to get better and enjoy themselves. Below are six things that you should know about bowling before you get started.


How to Select a Bowling Ball

Many recreational bowlers might not have to worry about what ball to use as the bowling alley gives them plenty to choose from at any one moment, but if you are getting serious about bowling you will need your own ball. To find the best ball for you, you have to find the ideal weight, drilling pattern, and cover stock to improve your game. If you are not too sure, get an expert opinion from the shop you are buying the ball from.

Bowling Ball Cover Stocks

Bowling balls come with different cover stocks. By cover stocks we mean the surface of the ball. Cover stocks are designed for different purposes. Many serious bowlers have a slew of bowling balls so that they are completely prepared no matter what shot they have to try and make. Before choosing a ball, you should consider the pros and cons of urethane, plastic, and reactive resin cover stocks. Urethane is durable and hooks easier, plastic helps the ball go straight, and reactive resin is not as durable as the two above, but it has more pin action and hook potential.

How to Properly Hold a Bowling Ball

Once you have found the ball that is best for you, the next thing that you need to do is learn to hold it properly. Throwing a bowling ball when you are holding it improperly can result in injury and hinder your bowling experience. Bowling balls are heavy, so you have to hold them in the correct way to improve your game and prevent injuries. You should put your ring and middle finger in the two holes side by side, and you thumb in the solitary hole.

Why You Should Have Some Bowling Shoes

You might think that bowling shoes are a bit of a way for bowling alleys to make more money out of you, but they help to maintain the lanes and to keep you safe. In order to properly release your bowling ball, your last step is a slide. Bowling shoe soles have been designed in such a way to make this possible. If you are going to be bowling more regularly, we recommend that you invest in some of your own bowling shoes.


How to Score a Bowling Game

It is true that the majority of bowling alleys will keep the scores for you nowadays, but this does not mean that you should not bother how to keep score yourself. If you learn how to keep score, then you will be able to figure out what is required of you to achieve certain scores. While it might seem confusing to start with, we guarantee that you will get to grips with it in no time at all.

Numbering the Pins

Bowling pins are numbers one to ten and are always set up in a triangle. As splits and leaves are referred to by their numbers (for instance, a 7-10 split), it is vital that you know everything about a pin rack – how they are numbers and their dimensions, so that you can get a better understanding of the point of bowling: knocking all of the pins over.

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